Kristin McCollum

Hi! I'm Kristin McCollum.A Front-end Developer based in Toronto.


Hi! I'm Kristin McCollum, a front-end developer that enjoys writing clean code and solving problems. Finding creative and effective solutions while I delve into the functionality of a website is my passion.

My background as a stage manager in theatre and opera honed my enthusiasm for working collaboratively. Whether coordinating all of the moving pieces in a live production or building all of the components to bring an app to life, I bring an empathetic approach to my work, along with a keen eye for detail.

When I'm not building responsive and accessible websites, I like to lose myself in a good book, play board games or go for long walks while listening to a favourite playlist.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Typescript
  • JQuery
  • Firebase
  • GitHub
  • VSCode
  • Accessiblity
  • Responsive Design
  • And growing...


  • young man working on desktop with website for Plan-it on the screen


    An online scheduling tool to help reduce the mental load of students trying to find time to meet with their group. Built in an agile practice with a cross-functional team. Based on high-fidelity mock-ups created in Figma. Front end built with React with Typescript, using MongoDB for the database and Node and Express in the back end.

  • Book Keeper

    A personal passion project as an avid reader. Keeps track of the books you have read, are currently reading or want to read. Built with React and SCSS, utilizing Firebase and with data taken from the Google Books API. A mobile first design.

    laptop with Book Keeper app, next to it is a coffee cup sitting on top of two books
  • laptop open on a white desk in a white room, with YBS Galactic Tours website on the screen

    YBS Galactic Tours

    Book a faster than light speed travel package from one of YBS's upcoming line of space tours. NASA's APIs make sure your launch date is asteroid free! A React based group project using React Router, built with Melissa Richards , Isabella Wang and Sean Sipus.

  • Song Selector

    Wanting to switch up your playlist? Let this app find some hits by your favourite artists and introduce you to some new ones. Built with React, it utilizes data from the API.

    the hands of a couple in a restaurant, holding two phones with Song Selector app on the screen
  • latop with Battle Boats on it, a hand on the keyboard and a blurred outdoor background at night

    Battle Boats

    Go head-to-head with the computer to see who will be the naval champion. Built with jQuery and JavaScript. Maximized for larger screens.

  • Imperial Glamour

    Glam it up. Search by product type, category, price or brand to discover your next must have beauty product. A pair programming project which uses the Makeup API. Built with Ryan Van den Eeckhout

    woman in a vintage store looking at an iMac with the Imperial Glamour website on the screen
  • person sitting at wooden table, holding a tablet with All About Sophie website on the screen

    All About Sophie

    Who is Sophie? Read her blog to find out! A pixel-perfect multi-page, functional and responsive website converted from a PSD.


If you have any questions about me or my projects, or if you would like to tell me what book you're reading right now, please drop me a line here!